Bjurström, Hanna

Wife. Born 1848-02-.. in Sverige. Emigrated 20 year of age 1868 from Sverige to USA. Lived 1900 in Lewis Precinct, Clay, NE, USA. She can read, write and talk english. Lived 1910 in Lewis Tomnship, Clay, NE, USA. She hade born two children, one is alive 1910. She is living in her own house.
Unresearched death.

Hanna Bjurström. Born 1848-02-.. in Sverige. Wife. f Brude Nilsson.
m Kerstin Holm.

Census 1900 Film 920. Census 1910 Film 840.

Marriage and children
Lars Johan Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1839-04-23 in Sätra Norrgård, Sätra, Vårdnäs (E). Baptism witnesses: Died sunday morning 1904-05-01 in Lewis Tomnship, Clay, NE, USA.
Married 1884-06-12 in Clay, NE, USA.
  Hilma Josephine Samuelson. Ansedel Born 1880-03-.. in Clay, NE, USA.
  Hannah Elnosa Samuelson. Ansedel Born 1888-12-.. in NE, USA.

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