Samuelson, Hilma Josephine

Housemaker. Born 1880-03-.. in Clay, NE, USA. According to census 1900 she can read, write and talk english.
Lived at an age of 24 1904 in Saronsville, Clay , NE, USA. Lived 1945 in Harvard, Clay, NE, USA.

Hilma Josephine Samuelson. Born 1880-03-.. in Clay, NE, USA. Housemaker. f Lars Johan Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1839-04-23 in Sätra Norrgård, Sätra, Vårdnäs (E). Died sunday morning 1904-05-01 in Lewis Tomnship, Clay, NE, USA. Farmhand., Farmer.
m Hanna Bjurström. Ansedel Born 1848-02-.. in Sverige. Wife.

Census 1900 Film 920. Census 1910 Film 840.

Marriage and children
Ed Hultine.
  Russell Hultine.
  Mervin Hultine.

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