Samuelson, Hattie

Born 1884-09-.. in NE, USA. Lived 1900 in Lewis Precinct, Clay, NE, USA. Lived 23år gammal 1908 in Harvard, Clay, NE, USA. Lived 1910 in Lewis Tomnship, Clay, NE, USA. According to census 1910 she has no occupation. She lives with her mother.
Died 19xx. Unresearched children, death.

Hattie Samuelson. Born 1884-09-.. in NE, USA. Died 19xx. f Per Alfred Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1849-05-08 in Skattegården, Tråstorp, Vårdnäs (E). Died 1908-05-28 in Hastings, Adams, NE, USA. Farmhand., Farmer.
m Carolina Alena Lena Hamm. Ansedel Born 1851-08-14 in Kråkerödjan, Söderhult, Tidersrum (E). Died 1923-11-18 in Lewis Precinct, Clay, NE, USA. Farmer.,

Census 1900 Film 920. Census 1910 Film 840.

Marriage and children
J Wendell Peterson. Ansedel Born about 1885 in NE, USA.
Married 1910-10-05 in Saronsville, Clay , NE, USA. Vitnesses was Albin Samuelsson and Mrs Fred Jonson. They were married by Clergymon.
  Raymond Peterson. Died 1998 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  Elaine Peterson.

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