Persson, Judith

Gymnastikdirektör. Born 1894 in Fjelie 7, Fjelie (M). Emigrated 22 years of age 1917-10-24 from Malmö to New York, NY, USA. Lived 1977 in FD, USA.

Judith Persson. Born 1894 in Fjelie 7, Fjelie (M). Gymnastikdirektör. f Anders Pehrsson. Born 1842 in Södervidinge (M). Died 1909.
m Elna Larsdotter. Born 1857 in Fjelie 7, Fjelie (M). Died 1953.

Marriage and children
  Brita Coomber. Born 1921 in Brasilien.

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