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My own research.

This page is all you need to travel through the world of genealogy.

You will find both swedish links, and links to other countries.

My own research has grown, first from my own family to the ancestors of my daughters-in-law. I have also made research for people living in USA with swedish ancestors. Don´t hesitate to contact me in questions like these. Use the mail here.

To see a list of emigrants and swedish-americans klick here.

To see my own family please klick here. This information has been on the web since 1996. That has given me a lot of contacts mainly from the States.

 Swedish churchregister on Internet. A projekt making it possible to make part of your research at home.
The computer as an aid in genealogy. The largest society in Sweden for genealogy.
Rötter, the genealogic newspaper on the web.
The Genealogical Society in the province of Östergötland, Sweden.
Emigrantforskning i USA
Emigrants and swedish-americans