Samuelsson, Algot Sigfrid

  Born 1887-01-18 in Dalshult, Vist (E). Algot joined the army 1904 in Stockholms län. Genomgick Lunnevad Lantmannaskola between 1910 and 1915 in Lunnevad, Sjögestad (E). Lived since 1916-03-14 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1948-02-27 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Buried at the church in Askeby kyrka, Askeby (E). Farmer. Nämndeman. Studied farming at Lunnevad Lantmannaskola situated close to Linköping.
Öjeby was bought 1916 by Algots father. The same year Algot and another brother rented the farm from his father. 1932 Algot bought Öjeby from his father. He was farming until 1946 when he himself rented out the farm.
The farm size is 155har of which 85 are farmland.
Algot was member of several municipal boards.

Algot Sigfrid Samuelsson. Born 1887-01-18 in Dalshult, Vist (E). Died 1948-02-27 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Farmer., Nämndeman. f Carl Otto Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1854-06-29 in Sätra Norrgård, Sätra, Vårdnäs (E). Died 79år gammal 1932-08-18 in Dalshult, Vist (E).
m Inga-Lisa Andersdotter. Ansedel Born 1853-09-02 in Dalshult, Vist (E). Died 1907 in Dalshult, Vist (E).

Svenska gods o gårdar del XVIII sid 39. Sveriges bebyggelse del III sid 92.

  Married av C V Palmaer 1917-10-14 in Linköpings Sankt Lars (E). Lysning 1917 in Västervik (H). I vigselbeviset hänvisas till 1 Joh. 4:7 Kärleken är av gud.
   Gunborg Elsa Amalia Andersson. Ansedel Born 1897-07-05 in Reginelund, Västervik (H). Died 72year af age 1970-04-23 in Linköpings domkyrkoförs (E).
    Gunnar Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1918-03-07 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died between 2003 and - in Linköping.
    Maj Inga Britt Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1919-05-20 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1986-11-03 in Nedre Mellangården, Västerlösa (E).
    Margareta Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1920-07-30 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E).
    Sten Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1921-12-06 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 2001-03-18 in Sundbyberg (AB).
    Ingegerd Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1924-05-20 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1994-04-08 in Linköping.
    Bo Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1927-06-12 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1990-12-14 in Linköping.
    Stig Kristian Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1930-11-13 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1988.
    Yngve Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1933-10-14 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E). Died 1993-09-17.
    Gunilla Samuelsson. Ansedel Born 1936-04-02 in Öjeby Gård, Askeby (E).

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