My Family

I am born 1942 in the Swedish city of Linköping. My main interests are the family, genealogy and to play golf. My profession is purchasing.
My interest for genealogy started when I get hold of a computerprogram named Disgen, via a membership in the society for genealogy by computers as aid, DIS, and was able to compile the material I had and make it useful for me and my relatives. DIS also has available a huge database including results from many of it´s members. This database called DISBYT can be found on following location in english DISBYT
Here you can see my ancesters. First you will find my grandfather on my fathers side Håkan Asmundsson from the parish of Stora Harrie in the region of Skåne, my grandmother on my fathers side Betty Jönsson from the parish Virke in Skåne, my mothers father Algot Samuelsson from the parish Vist in the region of Östergötland and finaly my mothers mother Gunborg Andersson born in the parish of Västervik in the region of Småland.

When i was making my research about my grandfather Algots grandfather Samuel Larsson from the small village of Sätra in the parish Vårdnäs, I discovered that three onkels and one aunt to my grandfaher Algot had emigrated to Nebraska in USA. Those relatives you can see in the genealogy-tree from Samuel Larsson.

Find here information about the different Swedish provinces mentioned above:

Östergötland SmålandSkåne


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